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Current Project Management Activities

Since 2018, Polton has served the Hamilton Partnership for Paterson as the Project Manager for the design and development of the Visitors Center at the Great Falls National Park, part of the Great Falls Neighborhood Redevelopment Project.

The Great Falls Neighborhood Redevelopment Project includes a mixed-use parking garage, The Alexander Hamilton Visitor Center, and the NJCDC Youth Center. This project is based on the commitment of the State of New Jersey to the redevelopment of the City of Paterson. The Great Falls Neighborhood Redevelopment Project will transform this area into a tourism destination and capitalize on the city’s history as well as the beauty of the Great Falls National Park. The Visitors Center is a $24MM project that will serve as the entry to the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park.

Polton has worked with the leadership of the Hamilton Partnership for Paterson as the coordinator of design and construction issues. The project team includes the National Park Service, the Hamilton Partnership for Paterson (Sponsor), Devco (Developer), Ralph Applebaum Associates (Exhibit Designer)  and Quinn Evans Associates (Architects)The project has completed the Preliminary Design Phase, achieved approval from the National Park Service of the US Department of the Interior.

Preliminary View from McBride Avenue

Preliminary Elevation Looking over the Great Falls

The Project planning is on going and the financial closing is scheduled for Fall of 2020 with construction to commence shortly thereafter. Project completion is scheduled for 2022. This is a project that has brought together a dedicated team committed to a project that will help in the revitalization of the Great Falls area and the City of Paterson.

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