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Author of...

  • Valuation and Market Studies for Affordable Housing. by Richard E. Polton (Author), with Julia LaVigne (Author), Appraisal Institute, Chicago, Illinois, 2004. This is the definitive book on valuation and market studies and is published by the leading professional organization in the field.
  • The Life and Times of Fred Wesley Wentworth: The Architect Who Shaped Paterson and Its People by Richard E. Polton, 2012. Pine Hill Press, Distributed by Rutgers University Press.In 1888, a young Dartmouth College alumnus from a distinguished New Hampshire family arrived in Paterson, New Jersey to pursue his dream of becoming an architect.  He settled in a dynamic and fast growing city where fortunes were being made in silk, commerce and heavy industry.  His practice took root and within years he was designing homes, commercial buildings and institutions for the area’s leading citizens.  His buildings are thoughtful, well designed and typify the architecture of their time. These buildings shaped generations of immigrants and their children — the author among them.  See: htpp:/
  • The 1964 Paterson Riot: Three Days That Changed a City, George Lipsitz with Richard Polton, 2014, North Jersey Media Group, The book explores the three days in August, 1964 when the inner city neighborhood of Paterson was torn by riots. The book reflects on the conditions, history and racial legacy of America’s first planned industrial city.
  • New Jersey Confronts the Holocaust (in planning). To be co-authored with Dr. Rafael Medoff of the David Wyman Institute. Public history presentations and draft articles have been completed. A recent presentation on US Senator W. Warren Barbour highlights one chapter of this story.

Publications, Seminars

  • Author of article for the American Planning Association’s publication, Practical Planner published Fall 2010, “Key Principles and Techniques for the Revitalization of Mid-Sized Industrial Cities”.
  • Valuation of Charter Schools“, Appraisal Journal . Summer 2009, Vol. 77 Issue 3, p246-252. 7
  • Panelist on Market Analysis, National Council of State Housing Agencies, Seattle Washington, June 2001
  • Op-Ed Column, New York Times, February 2001 on affordable housing issues
  • Speaker, National Conference of Tax Court Judges (sponsored by the Lincoln Institute), Portland Oregon, September 24, 1999 on Tax Assessment and Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credit Housing.
  • Valuing Property Developed with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits“, the Appraisal Journal, July 1994
  • Appraising Low-Income Tax Credit Properties: An Overview for the Development Community“, The Tax Credit Advisor, February 1995.
  • Seminar Co-Developer, Appraisal Institute, Chicago, Illinois, “Valuation of Low Income Housing“; National Appraisal Institute seminar to be introduced in 1996.
  •  “Assessment Issues in the Valuation of Subsidized Housing”, Assessment Journal, International Association of Assessing Officers, November/December 1996, Volume 3, Number 6.
  • Co-Author, 2002 “Market Studies for Affordable Housing Projects:
    The Benefits and Process”
  • Co-Author, “LIHTC market studies: what to look for and what to expect” Affordable Housing Finance, March 2001.

Teaching & Research

  • Guest instructor at the NJIT, the Bloustein School of Rutgers, the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University, GSD Harvard University and others.
  • Real Estate Consultant as part of NJIT Course on Redeveloping Hackensack, NJ and Plainfield, NJ as part of a grant from NJ Transit to explore redevelopment potential of transit stops (2012); redevelopment of Plainfield, NJ, with Darius Sollohub and Martin Robbins (2010).
  • Regular staff instructor and curriculum developer for the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority’s Program on Real Estate Development (2007).
  • Instructor at University of Rhode Island, History of Modern Architecture and Urbanism (1978).
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